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Not sure if I can remember the exact sequence of problems this morning but the short version goes like this:

Can't boot, no keyboard.

Fitted freshly charged batteries in wireless keyboard.

PC still says "no keyboard".

Got keyboard and mouse from main machine (now even more in bits)

Starts to boot then blue screens. I say something along the lines of "AAAAGGGGHHHH!"

Pull out new HDD (educated guess).

PC boots but no USB support, so no wifi.

I plead with Wind'oh!s to please find USB.

I threaten to reprogram it with a very large axe. This seems to do the trick.

Log-off, reconnect new HDD, reboot, all is fine.

Tonight, the wretched thing goes poot again. Blue Screen of Death.

Pull out new HDD (More of a dead-cert than an educated guess by now).

Connector falls to bits from old IDE ribbon cable. Ah... a dicky IDE cable could be the cause of some of the above. This back up machine was built from some new parts and odds and ends left over from other up grades, we're not talking quality parts here. I mean the OS is on an old 8Gb HDD! Although that (touch wood) gives me no problems.

So I've ordered 2 Akasa Rounded Ultra ATA133/100/66 IDE Cables (0.45m) - Blue. And just for  completeness I also order a matching Blue Round Floppy Drive Cable as well. Just how much use I'll get out of a floppy drive these days is debatable, however I find the moment I pull one out of a machine, I find need it... So it's staying for now.

Why "blue" cables?... I am working on the
assumption that if I put enough Blue stuff in this PC I will appease the Blue Screen of Death.


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