Jan. 17th, 2016

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Jo has scored somethings on-line and we have to pick them up in the morning. It's 4:30 am right now, so I'm wondering if it's really worth sleeping. Not that I've got much sleep in a while. I can't seem to lay down without triggering coughing fit, so I've been sleeping sat on the sofa, this prevent some of the coughing fits. Still waking-up coughing. On the plus side I do feel slightly better each day.

Will post photos of the "somethings" once we have them, I don't want to let on until we have them in the house.

OK going to try and grab 5 or 6 hours upright kip.


Jan. 17th, 2016 02:24 pm
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Jo found a ton of tiles on the local freecycle list. Turned out to be from the nice couple from whom we have already had a pile of parquet and a Victorian bed frame.

2016-01-17 12.18.24
They are 6"X6" red and black quarry tiles, reclaimed from a milking parlour in Gloucestershire. This photo shows less than half of them, in total there should be enough to do the kitchen, and possibly enough to do the front garden path too.

It took two trips to pick them up and got some rather nice wooden shelves thrown in as well. Only an hour round trip to go get them (plus a bit for loading) but this was the furthest I've ventured from the house in a long time. Totally knackered but good to get out, and pleased the car seems to have held-up to the two loads.


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